Mahabaleshwar trip was one of the top destinations to visit in India in my travel diaries. My husband was traveling to Pune for his official work and we decided to go together. There are many adventure places near Pune but if you are limited on time then  definitely visit  MAHABALESHWAR and PANCHGANI.

Mahabaleshwar is a very beautiful place and full of scenic beauty. If you are travelling from Pune  then you will come across many waterfalls on the way. Located 1353 meter above sea level, the view of the valley is breathtaking from the mountains. As this is a hilly area fog spreads all over the place in the rainy season , so to enjoy the valley view choose a sunny day.


On the route , there is a beautiful lake just before Mahabaleshwar. Make sure to stop there and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a quite big and deep lake

Also, have  vada-pav breakfast in Mahabaleshwar, There are many small stalls that make fresh Vada-pav and tea in the morning for breakfast. It is one of the famous foods in Maharashtra.


We reached Mahabaleshwar at 2 pm in the afternoon and our taxi driver suggested we cover all the Mahabaleshwar tourist places in a day itself and Panchgani on the next day. We finished sightseeing by 6 pm then we moved on to visit the open local market. 


It’s a 4 to 5 hours drive from Pune to Mahabaleshwar. Hire a taxi for around INR 5000 to 7000 round trip. Driver will take you to all the famous places in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. And 2 days are more than enough to cover both the places.

PANCHGANI is around 2 hours drive from Mahabaleshwar. We made a pit stop at Mapro Factory during this route. Here, you can taste the products and buy as per your choice. There is one famous cafe which makes big sandwiches (one is enough for 2 people). A must try sandwich as they bake it in Tandoor (traditional oven).

Panchgani is famous for table top mountains. This big mountain is flat like a table and has many traditional stories related to Mahabharata. After reaching here, you can enjoy the cold weather and breathtaking view of the valley. The Locals say that many Bollywood movies were shot here.


When you reach the table top mountain, vendors will offer you horse rides and will offer you many locations to see. So first thing to do is bargain hard for horse riding and second thing is you can easily walk to all those places.

OVERALL, my trip was awesome. Being a nature lover, I really enjoyed visiting such kinds of places where you have beautiful scenery spread all over the place.

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