Krabi is a very famous province in Thailand and it is a perfect holiday destination for relaxing. It is situated in southern Thailand. It features stunning scenery both at sea and inland. Krabi has more than 150 islands and many of them feature fantastic white sand beaches and greenish blue water. Also it has many caves, limestone cliffs, waterfalls, hot springs and wildlife. It is a destination for family, couples, bag-packers and who love to do island-hopping, snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, trekking, Scuba diving and many more water sports activities. Beaches (islands) like Ao Nang, Phi Phi Island, Railay and Koh Lanta are most visited and small islands – Ao Luk, Ao Thalane and Ao Nam Mao etc. Krabi is not developed but still very crowded like Phuket.

HOW TO REACH KRABI: It is an 80 minutes flight from Bangkok. And after reaching krabi, other islands can be connected by road or boat or ferry.

Below are a few Stunning beaches, which are very famous for their beauty, sea life, white-sand and turquoise water.


Ao Nang is a very popular resort town in Krabi Province. It is a great place for party lovers, as its nightlife is hectic. Also, you will find Thai and international dining and a good place for shopping. Few hotels are very close to the beach and they give beautiful views of the sea. It is attracting more and more tourists year after year. It is good for Family and budget holidays, people who like lively beaches and party all night.

HOW TO REACH AO NANG FROM KRABI: After landing in Krabi, you can hire a taxi or inform your hotel if you have planned to stay in Ao Nang, It is only 15 KM from


Railay is an ‘out of the world’ kind of holiday destination. It is not connected by road, hence only reachable by boat. Railay is a peninsula separated from the mainland by high limestone cliffs. So making roads is impossible. It has many beautiful resorts and is good for couples. There is no motorised transportation so everyone walks from one place to another. There are many cafe’s, mini restaurants on beach sides and shopping stores. It also has nightlife entertainment venues with hippie touch, making this place really cool.

HOW TO REACH RAILAY FROM KRABI:  It is part of the mainland but separated by a limestone cliff. So a boat is the only option. And it is very well connected from all the other islands like Phi Phi, Ao nang and from Krabi


It is located 15km from Ao Nang. It is less developed, therefore retains a very strong local and rural feel. Having said that, few people visit this place and hence it is not considered as a crowded island. You can visit the Small Fisherman village during your stay at Klong Muang Island. It has a handful of resorts and many of them boast a five-star rating. It does provide all the features such as, affordable dining, drinking with restaurants and bars on the beach.

HOW TO REACH KLONG MUANG FROM KRABI: It is only a 30 minutes drive from Krabi. The stay is for wealthy travellers so one can visit for the whole day and come back to Krabi.kbvkmu2021_2_34


Phi Phi is situated between Phuket and Krabi Provinces. It is a small archipelago of seven islands near to Phuket and Krabi. You can reach Phi Phi Island from both Phuket and Krabi in two hours by Ferry and one hour by Speed Boat. Its beauty is beyond words, limestone cliffs towards sea, beautiful white sand beaches and coves, beautiful green color and clear water and lush vegetation. Also amazing underwater reefs, Phi Phi is a captivating place. Its main village is in Tonsai Bay which has a lot of options of dining, shopping, nightlife entertainment and all kinds of budget accommodation options. Best for party and night party lovers. Also who wants to practice scuba diving

HOW TO REACH PHI PHI: It is situated between Phuket and Krabi. Ferry and speed boats are available from both islands. Ferry takes 2 hours and the speed takes 1 hours.phi-phi-island-by-speedboat-maya-bay


Krabi Town is the capital city. It has been a stop-over for backpacking travellers and also it is a good option if you want to explore all nearby islands, which are easy to access from Krabi. As it is not developed, but you will find a lot of small guesthouses and hotels in the downtown area and on the river bank. wat_tham_sua_15


Tagaytay is a weekend getaway and it is 60 km away from Manila. It is an underrated city ,with untouched natural beauty. Many travelers don’t feel like staying in Tagaytay, hence prefer to drive from Manila in the morning and return by Night. But, Tagaytay has a lot to offer from its natural beauty to old type Amusement parks. Many cafes and restaurants offers beautiful views of Taal Volcano, which is truly a natural anomaly that will leave you stunned.

  • Taal Volcano and Lake: Must Visit
  • Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria: A religious place
  • Breakfast at Antonio’s: Lot of options in Food
  • Picnic Grove: Very famous
  • Cafe Veranda Cultural Show: Located at Taal Vista Hotel
  • Sky Ranch: Amusement Park
  • Taal Vista Hotel Deck View: Best View of Tagaytay
  • Zoori : Small Zoo


Taal Volcano Taal Lake TagaytayIf you are visiting Tagaytay, Taal Volcano is Must Visit Place in Tagaytay. It is a complex volcano located on the Luzon Island in Tagaytay. It is the second most active volcano in the county and had 33 historical eruptions. All eruptions are concentrated on Luzon Island.

Boat ride is available from Talisay, which is around 60 minutes away from Tagaytay city. After reaching the island, you can take a horse ride or trek of around 40 minutes. It is recommended to start early at 6:00 am, keep plenty of water and comfortable shoes.

Loacation: Talisay and San Nicolas, Batangas, Luzon, Philippines. (It is located 50 km south from city)

Tour Fee: Many travel companies have different costs. But it is in the range of 4k to 6k for a day tour.


OUR LADY OF MANAOAG AT TIERRA DE MARIAIt is one of the Very Famous Places to Visit in Tagaytay. The statue of our Lady of Manaoag is from a 17th Century image of the Virgin Mary with The Child Jesus enshrined at the Basilica. It was brought from Spain to the Philippines in the early 17th Century by the priest Juan de San Jacinto. The Statue is 50ft tall followed by a small Church. You can also Visit Flea Market for religious shopping.

Location: Tagaytay – Calamba Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines (It is around 15 minutes from Tagaytay City Market)

Entry Fee: No entry fees.


Breakfast at Antonio's

Breakfast at Antonio’s is about impeccable attention to details in food and service, but has a more fine and relaxed family dining atmosphere.

They serve an all day breakfast and the menu is designed to rouse the senses. You will find comforting breakfast, European brunch fares, classic deli and sweet treats. They have freshly baked bread, homemade jams, curds, flavored yogurt as well as prepared meats.

Location: E. AGUINALDO HIGHWAY, BARANGAY, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines.

Timings: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm (All days)


Picnic GroveWhen it comes to natural sightseeing, the Picnic Grove is the place with numerous huts and tables. A place for family gathering, picnics and friends meet-up location. You can also enjoy horseback riding, Zipline, cable car etc. Eco trail available for nature lovers.

Location: Tagaytay Picnic Grove Complex, Barangay, End, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines (Around 3 km from Tagaytay City Market)

Timing: 7 am to 7 pm (all days)


Cafe Veranda TagaytayCafe Veranda Restaurant is in the compound of Hotel Taal Vista. It has modern architecture with their traditional food, they have Buffets for Lunch and Dinner. This is one of the Must visit places in Tagaytay. Stay or visit you’ll be treated with a 4 course Filipino meal which you can enjoy with Filipinos dancing in traditional attire. They have 2 shows, one at lunch and one at dinner. Try to reach early and book your table near the performing area.

Location: Kilometer 60 Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines

Timings of Cultural Show: One at Lunch and one at Dinner.


Sky Ranch TagaytaySky Ranch is an amusement park, it has rides for all age groups. You need 4-5 hours to cover all the points/attractions/rides. Most people start their way in the evening, as it looks more beautiful in those blinking lightning. They have created separate spaces for small kids/toddlers. Picnic is not complete without good food, you can enjoy food in Restaurants and at mini food huts.

Location: Km. 60 Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Entry Fee: 80 Php is the entry fee and then you have to buy seperate tickets for each ride costing from 50 php to 200 php.

Timings: 10 am to 10 pm (Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 10 pm)


Taal Vista Hotel View DeckIn most of the Hotels, Scenic view is available only for their in-house guests . At TaalVista , visitors also can enjoy the views of Taal Volcano and Lake. This place offers picturesque views from Hotel Deck, you can even spend a beautiful evening with family and enjoy Sunset. Taal Vista Hotel Offers picnic at Viewing deck.

Location: Kilometer 60 Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines


Zoori TagaytayZoori is created to experience nature and wildlife together. Here you can enjoy the view of Taal Volcano together with wild animals. They have wild animals like lions, apes, camels, eagles, some fishes, some snacks and other animals like sheep and monkeys. Since the space is very small, animals are not treated well. Such as, a lion has a very small cage and it was so disappointing for us to see white lion like that. Same treatment with other animals too.

Location: Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

Timings: 8 am to 8 pm.

Entry Fees: 249 PHP- Adult (above 4ft) | 199 PHP – Kids (2-3 ft)



El nido is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines and it comes under the Palawan region. It is famous for its beautiful Lagoons and secret/hidden/beautiful beaches. There are around 50 beaches, which can be visited during multiple visits to el nido, palawan.

El nido is famous among Europium and Spanish tourists. I encountered a lot of them during my visit to el nido recently. They all had come to enjoy beach life like- snorkeling, corals, seafood etc. There are many cafes on El nido beach, they serve a lot of variety in seafood. This place is paradise for seafood lovers. The best part I liked about it, these cafe’s are on the beach itself, if you choose to sit in an outside cafe then there are chances that sea water will kiss your feet.

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El nido is not just like any other location, where you can take flight and drive for 1 or 2 hours then reach. It’s a hidden paradise, so the travel is also like that. There are two ways to travel to El nido.

FIRST WAY: Book air tickets to Puerto princesa. There are a lot of airline companies such as Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippines airline etc. READ MORE


En nido is a hidden paradise and very beautiful. It is very famous among foreigners. Locals are very limited among el nido tourists. El nido is famous for Lagoons, Beaches, Snorkeling and sea food. Here you will find standard tours, every hotel and tour company offer them. They have Names Tour A, B, C and D. There are a mix of beaches, Lagoons and snorkeling sites. You can choose as per your interest. Tour A and Tour C are must do.

So when you select a tour from any hotel or tour company, then they ask you to reach the beach at a given time. The boat owners, tour guides are different. These tour companies have tied up with them. Unlike in Coron and Boracay. The tour company was also not aware about the boat and tour guide till the last minute.


This tour has 3 Lagoons (including secret Lagoon) and two beaches. This tour starts at around 10 am and ends at 4 pm. The per person cost is 1000 PHP plus 200 environmental fee (which is valid for 10 days so don’t forget to take receipt to use for other tours). Lunch is included in all the island hopping tours. The main point to note here is, you have to pay extra for Kayak at two lagoons. The Kayak price is fixed, 400 php for 2 people and 600 php for 4 persons.

The boat man purposefully stops far from the lagoon as they have commission with kayak people. Otherwise, people can easily swim to reach both the Lagoons.

Tour Includes:

  1. Small Lagoon
  2. Big Lagoon
  3. Secret Lagoon
  4. Shimizu Island
  5. Commando Beachseven-commando-beach


This will cover 5 attractions. 3 Beaches, one snorkeling site and one cave. Here also, you have to rent a kayak to enter the cave. Lunch is included and per person cost is 1200 php. Do not forget to rent aqua shoes during your island hopping. They must be needed during snorkeling.

Tour Includes: 

  1. Snake Island
  2. Pinagbuyutan Island
  3. Entatula Island
  4. Cudognon Cave
  5. Snorkeling SitePalawan-Snake-Island-1


This tour is dedicated to snorkeling. It has 5 attractions. But due to high tide we couldn’t visit the secret beach. And be very cautious of hidden beaches. The way to reach the hidden beach is surrounded by rocks and you have to swim to reach the beach. Many people were injured on those rocks. For tour C, the distance is far from mainland land. That’s why the travel time is more. Tour starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm. Lunch is included and per person cost is 1200 php.

Tour Includes:

  1. Helicopter Beach
  2. Matinloc Shrine
  3. Secret Beach
  4. Star Beach
  5. Hidden Beachstar beach


It has 6 destinations including a snorkeling site. This tour is best for taking pictures. The beautiful white sand beaches are the main attraction in this tour. Lunch is included and cost per person is 1200 php. The tour starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm.

Tour Includes:

  1. Ipil Beach
  2. Cadlao Lagoon
  3. Paradise beach
  4. Pasandigan Beach
  5. Natnat Beach
  6. Bukal BeachTropical beach, Philippines

OVERALL our experience of visiting Palawan for the 3rd time was good. Always remember one thing, wherever you go in the world, do not throw your trash anywhere. For example we saw people throwing trash in the sea even when the tour guide informed them about it. Even people do not value the corals and they step on it. It takes million years for corals to become what they are today. And if we want the beauty to remain the same then we need to respect and value the place.



The Philippines is a land of beaches and I must say it is a place of beautiful Islands and Beaches. Those islands are very well connected via flights and boats.

I had visited almost all those must visit, Hidden and beautiful islands. And trust me those ones are the best I ever visited. Because there you can dive in, do snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Very clean water with beautiful corals and colorful fishes, turtles and many more species. You can find those Hollywood movies there.


Boracay is a dream island, with beautiful fine white sand and a long beach. You can walk on that beach for almost 5-6 kilometers and you will not realize that you have actually walked that many kilometers. Boracay has 3 stations. station 1, station 2 and station 3. All the three are very well connected via road and from the beach side as well. Station 2 is famous for its nightlife.

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Boracay tour and travel companies offer pub hop on and hop off tours at night. They will take you to 6 – 7 pubs with stranger fellow travelers for around 1500 php per person with one complimentary drink. You will also get to see the fire dance. Best_beaches_Boracay-34

HOW TO REACH BORACAY: It is very well connected via air. Flights are available from Metro Manila. Nearest Airport is Caticlan.

WHAT TO DO IN BORACAY: Island Hopping is very famous in Boracay. I enjoy night life, enjoy the fine white sand beach And also must go to spider cafe.

FOOD IN BORACAY: I am vegetarian and always look for a vegetarian food menu. Boracay is a place where you can find all types of food. As it is quite commercialized and Indian food is also available in boracay.

WHERE TO STAY: Boracay has a variety of hotels, from top class to bag packer ones. You will be able to find your choice of hotels as per your budget. Do not hesitate to stay in any of the stations as cost wise, they are very near to each other and believe me, it takes only 10- 15 minutes to reach from one station to another station.


El nido in Palawan has many small beaches and even hidden beaches. Beautiful clear water and white sand, good place for snorkeling activities and Scuba. There is so much in Palawan that you need a minimum 5-6 days to cover all those hidden gems.

HOW TO REACH EL NIDO: Nearest Airport is Puerto Princesa and then 3 hours road travel to El Nido.


ACTIVITIES IN EL NIDO: It’s a place of so many small islands, lagoons, secret beaches, hidden lagoons and hidden beaches. Enjoy snorkeling and Scuba. Many service providers give certificate based training for Scuba.

WHERE TO STAY: So many hotels, Air BNB, hostels, bag-packers, guest houses and in all kinds of price range.


Coron island is an amazing place for snorkeling. We did a 3 days of island hopping tour and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I simply loved the banana island. It was so beautiful that I can’t describe it in words.

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HOW TO REACH CORON: Take a flight to Busunga Airport and from there around 1.5 hours or 2 hours road travel, depending on your hotel locations. There are some private beach resorts for which resorts themselves arrange transport. As many other hotels also have shuttle service from airport to hotel and they charge some minimum amount.Malcapuya-Island-CoronPhilippines-Palawan

WHERE TO STAY:Many budget hotels and guest houses are available in Coron, We did not stay near to beach., as we decided to stay in Coron city which is very well connected to all the activities and places. Our hotel was around a 15 minutes Tri-cycle ride from the beach.

ISLAND HOPPING IN CORON: All the beaches and lagoons are beautiful. I personally loved the Banana beach- amazingly beautiful white sand beach. Kayangan lake- Beautiful view from top, and I also liked twin lagoons, where one shoulder will experience cold water and one will experience hot water at the same time.


Most beautiful island in Cebu is Mactan Island. It is very near to Cebu international airport. There are many beach resorts and budget hotels in the city. It is known for very reasonable rates for scuba diving.

HOW TO REACH:Take a flight to cebu international airport and from there it is around 1 hour to 1.5 hours road travel depending on your hotel locations.mactan

mactan 1

ACTIVITIES IN MACTAN: There are many water sports activities available in Mactan. Scuba diving schools provide training at very reasonable rates and many other water adventures activities as well. Few fun adventures such as- banana ride, jet-ski, helmet diving underwater, diving with whale shark, water ski, parasailing and many more other activities.


Panglao Beaches attracts both local Filipinos and foreign visitors. There are plenty of Resorts which have coverage around half kilometer long and of line white coral sand. The water is crystal clear, many colored fishes as they dart in and out of the sea grasses.

HOW TO REACH: Panglao is the southernmost town of Bohol. It is 18 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, the capital and the only city of the Province of Bohol. The island is accessible by two bridges and can be reached in a minimum of 20 minutes.south-palms-resort-panglao-sliders-home-00-01

ACTIVITIES: Most resorts are situated on beautiful beaches and they have fine white sand. So it is the best place for leisure travel. But there are many top beaches which can be visited during your visit to Panglao Island:

  1. Alona Beach
  2. Bagobo Beach
  3. Bolod Beach
  4. Danao Beach
  5. Dolio Beach and
  6. Momo Beach



Boracay  is the most famous destination in the Philippines. If you are visiting the Philippines then Boracay is a must visit among all. It is famous for its Nightlife ,beautiful White Beach and water sports such as- JetSki, ParaSailing, Banana Boat, Flouting slides, Snorkeling sites, Scuba and many more.

Boracay has main staying locations – Station 1, station 2 and station 3. The white beach connects all 3 stations. You can easily walk on white beach to go from one station to another . It was an amazing experience walking on white sand beach. The beach is really beautiful and many Cafe’s, restaurants are situated on the beach side. IMG_7640IMG_7885

All the stations are very well connected with roads also and Tri-cycle is available for ride. They charge more than the usual fare from foreigners.

Hotel in Boracay

Boracay is a destination which has an economy  for luxury stay. This place is full of mini hotels which offer rooms from 500 peso to 800 peso per day. On the other hand, luxury hotels such Shangri-la also have property with private beaches. The room cost per night is around 14000 peso depending on the season.


There are many activities to be done in  Boracay depending on your choice and weather. To cover all the places and activities I would recommend at least a 3 days stay. This place is best to do all the water sports compared to other islands in the Philippines.

1. Island Hopping: Island Hopping duration is only 3-4 hours. The group tour and private boat tours are available. The price for a group tour is 800 peso per person and for small private boats good for 2 to 3 people is 2000 peso. The time duration is the same for both the tours.IMG_7568IMG_7575

They will stop the boat near to Crocodile beach for snorkeling. you can buy bread to feed small fishes as there are many fish. You can just hold the bread in your hand and a group of fish will move towards you. One of the awesome experiences ever had. Second Island is Crystal Cove, it has some fun activities. The entry charges are 200 pesos per person.

2. Puka Beach:It is located at the northern end of Boracay. You can find colorful and rare Puka shells as the island name. The water is crystal clear that touches the shoreline.

3. Water Sports: Many agencies/companies offer water sports at a very big scale. Here you will find all the activities at a reasonable rate in comparison to other Islands in the Philippines. These activities are available on the other side of the Island. You have to take tri-cycle to reach the other side. ParaSailing cost 1800 Pesos per person and 2500 Pesos for two. Scuba diving was 2000 per person (The cost varies depending on providers). The Banana Ride was 300 Pesos per person for 15 minutes. Jet Skiing 2000 peso for 30 minutes. Flying fish ride around 600 pesos for 15 minutes. These all I tried and enjoyed a lot.

4. Diniwid Beach: This beach is famous for Spider house restaurant and Spider house beach resort.  We spent around 4 hours at Spider house and enjoyed the stay. Pizza and pasta are awesome at this place . You can jump into water at any time .We even got lucky to see a big Turtle floating on water near Spider House.

5. Pub Crawl: This is one of the night life activities in Boracay.  Each person charges 1000 Peso with 5 drinks as complementary and they will take you to 5 different Pubs. This is the gateway to meet new people and make new friends.

6. Fire Dance:It is one of the highlights of my stay in Boracay . Many restaurants offer a fire dance. Their artists dance on music beats holding fire on their both hands. It was amazing to watch those steps.  The dance looked  very dangerous as well , since they were moving around with these fire lit ropes .IMG_7908IMG_7878The fire dance starts every evening from 7 PM on-wards and it lasts till 8 PM. This is available at station 1 on White Beach side.

7. D-MALL: This is a shopping site and best for buying souvenirs.  Countless food joints can be found at D-mall. Many famous ones  – Army Navy, McDonald, Jollibee, Starbucks etc are also located here. Even Indian food Restaurant is also located there , however the food is average.

OVERALL We enjoyed our stay in Boracay and are planning to visit again in March or April.