We stayed more than 5 years in the Philippines. And this country is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches. But, it is equally important to know the best time to visit Philippines beaches. The Philippines has forecast more than 200 typhoons around the year. And the wind speed is more than 500 km, so if that time you are at the beach site. You may have to remain in a Hotel/Resort. Sometimes typhoons last for 4 to 5 days depending on intensity.


There are many Beautiful islands in the Philippines. And there is so much to see that you can’t cover all that beauty on a trip. So divide your time as per selection. For example- Boracay needs a minimum 2-3 days to explore completely and enjoy Its beauty. But if you are planning to go to El-Nido then you need a minimum 3-4 days. There are other factors like travel time from Airport and other aspects.


The best to enjoy beautiful beach Islands are from the month of September to December (This is also peak time for the business for resorts) and then February to Mid of April. The weather is too hot from mid April to June. So if you plan during this time, it will be difficult to enjoy the beach during day time. 

Rainy Season from last week of May until the end of August. Though the Philippines has tropical weather and you can expect rain throughout the year. People do visit during the rainy season and the weather is also nice and breezy. But the sea water and beaches are dirty due to rains. So not the best time to travel during the rainy season.

Also, always check for any typhoon warning before you plan your travel.

Note: Please do not litter beaches and sea, through your trash in the rubbish bin.

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