Look – If anyone need ‘Help’

Why is this the headline of my today’s blog? Well, the answer is today’s lifestyle and fast running life. Where everyone wants to show more than they have and no one wants to negotiate on living standard even if they are in deep debt. But there are other feelings also which surround many people. 

Look near to you, your friends, family if anyone is in need of Help. Currently Help is not needed by Females, even Males too come in that category. No one can say today who is under depression. Maybe your friends who are laughing with you out loud. But inside she is fighting not to show how depressed she is. This is not because of family issues, many times it is peer pressure. My friends are doing well and am not able to go out frequently, I really wanted that stuff/things. Or maybe something else.

if someone is laughing out too loud on such a small joke. Or if someone is ignoring your calls, Just hug tight and ask, are you okay? Is there anything you want to share with me? You know you can trust me completely. 

In the current situation, we all need friends, family support and we all need meditation to reduce stress suppressing us from outside. 

Share your thoughts please…

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