Why No Travel Post

Hello to all my friends. I did not travel since June 2019. My travel stopped as we conceived our second child and I have motion sickness in car, bus and plane. And my pregnancy comes with morning, afternoon and evening sickness until six months. I mean whole day sickness and nausea. So, I stopped travel completely and my writing about my travel experience also stopped.

Then in December my only brother told me that he is getting married, dates are finalized so I went to my doctor happily asking for travel pass. As if you are Pregnant, you can’t travel without doctor prescription. Airlines will not allow you.

My doctor said NO. you can’t travel to India at this stage. So to cheer me up my husband made some plans with our friends to go to Nuvali. This is 2.5 hours drive from Manila (Philippines) and we planned just to stay overnight as nothing much to do except big brad shopping.

And then we celebrated New Year and news started to coming out about COVID-19. No one thought that this could be pandemic. I delivered our second child in last week of January. Till that time things were still okay, In February every channel started to talk about COVID-19.

We stayed indoor as no one aware about much of COVID situation. Our little munchkin completed his 1st Month.

And then celebrated his First Diwali at home with his elder sister and parents.

and after more than one year we could manage to go on trip for one day.

Someone it out from house jail.

Until now situation is scary and I wanted to keep my self little busy. So thought of starting food videos. because you actually spend sometime in editing, sounds, color etc. I am liking it. And want to continue till situation become normal and we can start again our travel and I can write my travel blogs.

it is tough time for everyone and we are together in this and we will come out together from this. Stay safe everyone and enjoy doing what you are doing right now, also try to find some other hobbies which may be was your past time a decade ago.

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