Island Hopping is the only sport in Coron, Palawan. Hopping time from one starting point to the first Island is around 30 -40 minutes and then it varies from place to place. Boats are small, if you are accompanied by small kids. Ask them to sit while boats are sailing in the sea. There are 3 islands in “Island Escapade Tour”.

Our pick-up time was at 7:30 am in the morning, we dressed up nicely and packed our swim dresses. When we arrived at reception after breakfast, everyone was in very basic attire unlike us. Even few were in swim dresses already. My husband said it looks like he is all set to dive in the sea. Taxi came at 8 am and we reached to board the boat at 8:30 am. Our Guide introduced him-self and explained about today’s itinerary. He also told us that food will be served on the boat from their side. But, as I always say- it is difficult being a vegetarian and as-usual there was only rice and watermelon for us to eat.

When Boat started it was an amazing view with mountains. I felt like I was watching a “Hollywood” movie. Travel time from the starting point to the first stop “MALCAPUYA ISLAND” was around one hour. It is a very famous Island for Snorkeling. The Snorkeling Kit and Aqua Shoe you can rent from your tour guide only. It was PHP 50 for Aqua Shoe and PHP 150 for Snorkeling Kit.

As I mentioned above few of them were in swim dress and now we understood why? Actually, there is no place to change dress and you have to change your dress in front of everyone. So better to wear your swim dress inside and then dress whatever you want to wear.  


Note: Coron Island is famous for snorkeling and sea dive. For more fun, keep a waterproof camera cover to take pictures and videos while snorkeling. Also, do not forget to buy waterproof mobile phone covers. You can buy these things at the boarding point. They also sell waterproof bags.

And, keep good sunscreen to apply on all your body after every dive. The day’s are very hot in the Sun and Hopping is not allowed in the rain.

It was an amazing experience, I was a bit afraid of being non-swimmer. But they give you a waist jacket and a tube to hold. Just wear your snorkeling glasses and float while looking inside the sea. The beautiful world inside the sea. Beautiful Fish and corals.


We reached Banana Island at 1 pm and lunch was served to us. After eating lunch we were told to rest for some time and take pictures and dive in the sea. Banana Island is more beautiful than Malcapuya Island. The sand is more clean and this is the best place to take pictures. This Island has one small resort which has around 10 rooms.

I tried going for Snorkeling alone at banana island but couldn’t do that. Then I came back and asked the tour guide for help. Then he asked others and then took all of us for a second round of snorkeling. It was simply fun watching all those beautiful fish and corals. It looks like you can step on those rocks and in actuality those are deeper than your expectations.



Bulog Beach was the last stop in today’s tour. It is a very small beach for visitors as the other side of the beach is Private Property of “Two Seasons Resorts”. It is one of the most expensive resorts in Coron. The security personnel are standing at the edge of the property and they will not allow you to go that side.

Sun started setting and time to go back. And we were very tired. The water gives me more tiredness than walking in a plane area.


After coming back to the hotel we went to watch a live music show at the Hotel Bar section. The guests who wanted to sing were allowed to sing along-with singers. The Music was loud and awesome. We enjoyed our dinner and came back to the room for a nice sleep. As we had booked another tour for tomorrow and pick-up time was the same at 7:30 am.


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