HongKong (HK) is a great place to visit. The night life is fun for party goers. We spent 3 days in Hong Kong and a 1 day trip to Macau And managed to cover all the amazing places which were in my top list; and now sharing my trip and tricks here. In those experiences I had there were many challenges faced. One of them being food – Yes, as I always say being a Vegetarian is a hard road to walk; you have to specify very clearly for your food and sometimes people make some faces. :D.

I will write about the transportation, about the food, which all places can be covered in one day, where to stay and which all places are must visit. Will also write my day wise itinerary in HK & Macau. And off-course, if you are a shopping lover then I would like to highlight the best market places.

The people in HongKong are kind of mixed, few are very helpful if you have any questions and few will turn their face if you ask anything. :D. So the best thing is to keep the ‘City Map’ and working ‘Internet’. In my case I used both and yes they helped throughout.



Would like to recommend not to buy souvenirs from the attraction shops. They are 2 to 3 times more expensive than the local street market.

Keep a extra jacket for Tin Tin Buddha and The Victoria Peak if you are visiting in winter season.

The busiest season hotel cost is around KH$ 1000/- per night of 4 star hotel

The MTR is the best mode of transportation, though the local buses are also have good connectivity.


Taxis in HK are very expensive and you can’t even think of taking all the places you want to visit. The best mode of transportation is MTR, which is very well connected to all possible areas. And things are at walking distance from MTR stations. Only thing you need to do is keep a ‘MTR Map’ with you to follow the right route. The frequency is very good, so not to worry if you miss one.

Same in Macau, they have very good connectivity of local Bus, and all the Bus stops have the Bus number and their destinations. Even the Map has all the Bus numbers. Even travelling with Hotel bus ( which is free ) is a good option. However, you will have to plan your itinerary and check the routes beforehand.

Taxi – We took a taxi from Airport as our flight reached late night and MTR operations were till 1:00 am. The fare is comparatively expensive and you have to ensure that Driver understands the location properly ( due to language gap). They don’t speak English and if you don’t speak the local dialect the sound of two different places might be the same. So the best option if you are taking a taxi, keep the address printout along with you. You can show them, they will read the address and take you to the place.


The recommended option is to buy an OCTOPUS card when you land.You can use this card at MTR, at Ferry, at Food Joints, at Shops and many more places. You can refill your card at any MTR station. The card helps you in saving travelling time. You can buy this Octopus Card online before your travel and collect the same at the Airport. Same with the local SIM Card, which will come with 1.4 GB internet and local calling for around $12. In my case, I have purchased both from KLOOK. Be mindful of the counter number and the time till which they operate at HK International airport.

If you are travelling and your card shows less amount, do not worry as you can go upto -30 dollars, and when you will refile the card, the amount will be adjusted accordingly.


There are great locations to eat in Hongkong. In my case , being a vegetarian I looked up Veg options. Hong-Kong is full of Veg Option and amazing food. You can try the authentic Chinese and Japanese food at “Tsim Sha Sui” Well you will get the food everywhere, but personally I like this place. And the economy food best option is “McDonald”. They have all kind of food one need in travel. I liked their Jumbo Breakfast treat and at a very nominal price. The best thing for me is that they have Veg options.

Also, you can try authentic street food, you will find small food venues everywhere. And the fine-dining options are available at all the places.

SUBWAY is also very popular in all the places. But, unfortunately my experience with the subway didn’t go well. I was standing in Line for 15 Minutes at the ‘Harbour Subway’ and this staff member was making sandwiches for all the people. He was picking up meat and other stuff from the same hand. As I said I am vegetarian and the menus show vegetarian food. I requested him to change his gloves, he said in a rough tone “we are not serving full vegetarian, checkout other places”. Something went wrong at this place, as I never expected such an answer.


Hong Kong is a very expensive place for shopping; though there are many street markets to buy some small stuff. I personally suggest buying souvenirs from local markets, except the attractions you’re visiting. The highly recommended street shopping places are ‘Temple Street Night Market’ and Ladies Night Market’.

I would advise bargaining with the seller before buying anything. They will quote you 2 to 3 times more of the actual price. Also, do not buy anything from the very first place, try to search for the same item at as many stores to understand the final and right price. I even did the same, and understood there is one break-even price which is the final price for particular item at every store.


I would suggest booking your hotel in HONGKONG island. The reason I am recommending  Hongkong island is for good connectivity of the MTR. I stayed in Kowloon island and the nearest MTR station distance was 2.5 KM. So every time, I had to depend on the hotel shuttle; it was very difficult to come back to the hotel and go back to the city. The cost of a 4 star hotel in peak time was around HK $1000 per night. You might get a better deal for early bookings.

All the recommended markets, food streets and direct MTR to attractions are on Hongkong island. I faced little difficulty while traveling with my 10 months old kid and travel time was almost double. And if you miss the hotel shuttle, either you have to wait for the next shuttle or hire a taxi (which is very expensive).


KLOOK is an online website for tour packages. You can find the tour and packages of all attractions in Hong Kong. I have not done the price comparison with KLOOK and counter tickets & packages. I had bought tickets for ‘TIN TIN BUDDHA’ and ‘THE VICTORIA PEAK’ just to avoid long queues. I had also brought an ‘Octopus Card’ and a Local SIM card loaded with an Internet pack from KLOOK and the same collected from the international airport from the designated counter.

Do book your tickets 2 to 3 days prior to your travel day. Select the package, pay online and they will send the confirmation, you can attach this voucher with your mobile wallet. I had loaded confirmation vouchers to my Apple mobile wallet and showed them at the counter. No hassle of keeping printouts.


#DAY 1

We reached late at night around 1:00 am and then we needed to catch the hotel shuttle tomorrow  morning at 10:00 am to MTR station. My plan was to visit  ‘TIN TIN BUDDHA‘ and ‘TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET‘.


This is one of the highly visited places in HongKong and it takes 4 to 5 hours to complete this attraction. It will be around 15 to 20 minutes cable car ride from cable terminal to the peak and then around 210 steps to ‘BIG BUDDHA’. You can reach the nearest MTR station Read more…

#DAY 2

We started our day 2 at 10:00 am to visit ‘THE VICTORIA PEAK and MADAME TUSSAUDS. I had booked the tour package of “The Victoria Peak ” from KLOOK. This tour package includes; The Victoria Peak Tram and Sky Terrace walk, Madame Tussauds and Trick Eye Museum. The cost of all three attractions was around HK $309 per adult.


There are time options at the time of booking, I had selected 12:00 pm so the reporting time was at MTR Central Station at 11:45 am. Take a Exit Read more

#DAY 3

Million dollar fireworks are the highlight for 31st Dec evening. And I was all set to experience that. As I was travelling with my 10 months old kid and I was staying in Kowloon Island, so going back to the hotel and coming back to harbour was a little difficult. Also, it is said that at 6:00 pm onward a few places will be closed and people will start taking their place at Harbourand Tsim Sha Sui.


We took the Big Bus City tour on 31st Dec. This was one of the best options to complete all the small attractions within the city and Read more…

#DAY 4

It will be a very exciting day and I had this place in my top list. Most of the people who come to visit HongKong; plan their one day trip to Macau. This is not a very big city and all the highly visited attractions can be covered in one day.


The best way to reach is by MTR, take MTR to ‘Sheung Wan‘ (follow the MTR Map) and then take exit D, follow the sign board and you will reach Turbojet ferry station. Buy Ticket Read more…

Overall, my vacation in Hong Kong is recorded as one of the best memories so far. Hong Kong is a very beautiful city and has good transportation facilities. To cover all the places in my list was a little hectic; but I am happy that my little 10 months old was also enjoying all the views. Me and my husband enjoyed it a lot and all the photographs are evidence of it. Big smiles and fulfilled faces in all the photographs. It Indeed the best trip so far.


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