It will be a very exciting day and I had this place in my top list. Most of the people who come to visit HongKong; plan their one day trip to Macau. This is not a very big city and all the highly visited attractions can be covered in one day.


The best way to reach is by MTR, take MTR to ‘Sheung Wan‘ (follow the MTR Map) and then take exit D, follow the sign board and you will reach Turbojet ferry station. Buy Ticket for Outer Macau-there are a lot of transportation options from outer Macau, there are many Casino Bus running free of cost from ferry terminal to Casino and to other places. There are two categories- Economy and Premium. Economy one way is around HK$ 170 adult and Premium around HK$ 410 adult.

Turbojet has smooth transactions and it is available every 15 minutes; it takes around 60 minutes to reach Macau ferry outer terminal from HK ferry terminal.

After reaching Macau outer terminal, we decided to take a city bus tour package, this is the best option to cover all the best attractions. Also, HKD is accepted at most of the places in Macau and there is no exchange rate difference.


I bought a ‘City Bus Tour’ ticket from the ferry terminal only and the bus was available in front of the terminal (across the road to the other side). Many tourists select the option of City Bus Tour to save time in exploring local buses. Buy the city bus ticket from unit 1646, arrival hall of Macau Outer ferry terminal- Ticket cost was HK$ 160 adult. It has 15 Tourist Attractions and service is available every 45 minutes.

Most of the attractions are very near-by and can be walked if you don’t want to wait for the bus. Our First stop was Lisboa Hotel and Casino.


It’s a very beautiful ‘Architecture’ from outside and inside as well. It is a very famous hotel and casino. It is divided into two buildings. I had visited the main one and was amused to see the interior. We were not allowed to go inside of the Casino as we were accompanied by small kinds. Kids are not allowed in casinos.

Lisboa Hotel Macau
Lisboa Hotel Macau


Senado square is a public place and good for shopping at an open local market. It is also good for dinning. It is paved with wave-patterned mosaic colored stones created by the Portuguese. I could not see those waves as it was a very crowded place the time I had visited.


It is one of the highly visited places. If you have come to Macau and not visited ‘Ruins of St Paul’, that means you have not visited top attractions in Macau. It was built in the 19th century and is now a facade of college and church.

Central Square Macau
Central Square Macau
Ruins of St Paul
Ruins of St Paul


The height is around 338 meters above the city and it is the 8th tallest tower in Asia. The tower entry ticket which includes skyline entrance was HKD 130 adult but we got it at a discounted price, we got it in HKD 110 adult. After reaching the skyline, there were breathtaking panoramic views of Macau City, you can even notice China and Pearl River.

There is a Revolving Tower Restaurant which has seating capacity of 250 persons, and it takes 60 minutes to complete one revolution.


Venetian Macau is the world’s largest Casino, it is also one of Asia’s most exciting entertainment destinations. They offer over 350 international shops for shopping and the hotel has around 3000 rooms and all are suites with all the luxury.


City of Dreams was our last destination. City of Dreams is also one of the highly visited places. The resort offers electrifying entertainment, an amazing accommodation, designer brand shopping and both regional and international dining experience.

City of Dreams Macau
City of Dreams Macau

As I mentioned above that there are free bus services available from the Casino, we took the bus from City of dreams to Macau Outer Ferry Terminal. We took the ferry ticket and had to wait for 1 hour as it was a very crowded day.

Just to mention here that last Turbojet ferry was at 1:00 am. So you can enjoy till 12:00 am in Macau and take the last ferry to Hongkong. It was already 2:00 am by the time we reached our hotel and we had to catch our flight to the Philippines tomorrow morning at 8:30 am or I should say the same day at 8:30 am. 🙂

Overall my vacation in Hongkong and Macau is one of the best memories so far. It was my dream to celebrate New-Year in Hongkong. Do write your comments and your experience in Hongkong and Macau.


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