Jerusalem is one of the most visited places or I would say Holy Place in Israel; the tour is not complete if you do not visit Jerusalem. Though the weather was not favorable, I did not want to leave that chance to visit Jerusalem with my Husband (who was free that day and can accompany me). The travel time from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is 1 hour and 14 minutes. Around 68 km.

I decided not to book any tour packages, I just want to figure everything out by-my-self. So I took the taxi to a local taxi stand from where daily transport available to Jerusalem city is cheap. You can also use public transport such as buses, they are cheap and good.

We took Sharing tempo-traveler and one way fair was NIS60 and he dropped us off at Jerusalem city; near the very famous attraction “Western Wall”. All the Famous and tourist places are near to each other, there is no extra time in travel. You can visit one place after another. But, to cover all the attractions, one needs a full day time.

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#Western Wall

This is a very famous Holy Place. Visiting this place feels that so many religious people are gathering for their prayers. I entered after passing the security (yes, there are security procedures). And, approached the wall where everyone was performing prayers. There is a separate area for Women and Men. When I reached near the wall, they were distributing papers with prayers written on it to whoever wanted to take and perform their prayers. It was a very different experience for me- they were singing in a very low volume voice and touching the Holly wall at the same time.

Western Wall
Western Wall

Western Wall Jerusalem

#Old City of Jerusalem

You can Hire a taxi outside of western wall; who will take you to all the top-ranked places. I hired a taxi and started the tour from the old city of Jerusalem. It has no big buildings, The view is available from top. You can see the complete city from one of the top places.

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#Mount of Olives

All the places are very nearby and it will not take more than 15 minutes to reach from one to another. Don’t be confused by the name of Mount of Olives. It is good to see the Olives tree as I have always wondered how it could be.

” When my taxi driver said, ma’am see the mount of Olives. I said, where, where; I can’t see anything. Where is it? And he said we are on mount only and the trees you are seeing are olives trees. I said, that’s it? I was expecting more. Even for other places also, “Old city of Jerusalem” is the only view which you will see from the top. So do not keep high expectations as the name of these attractions.”

Mount of Olives
Mount of Olives
Old City Jerusalem
Old City Jerusalem

#Israel Museum

This is one the historical ancient places to see ancient Art work. This Museum opened in 1965, this is the only complex where you will find ‘Archaeological’ and ‘Art’. This museum has a very good collection of art by Israeli Painters.

The Opening Hours are: Sat-Mon & Wed-Tus: 10am to 5om; Tue: 4pm to 9pm

The Entry Fee is: Adult-50 NIS, Studets 37 NIS, Child 25NIS

The entry is free on every Tuesday and Saturday. 

It was indeed a very cold day, and I enjoyed every bit of it. There is a local market which is next to ‘Western Wall’ and good for buying souvenirs if you have not done yet. It is a very big market and deep inside.

” Please keep in mind that you remember the road you entered. And all the Market lanes look the same and are a little confusing for tourists. so better you come back to the same road instead of thinking to go till the end. I’ve tried that and it took me to housing colonies and it was very confusing. Then I came back and took the lane to exit through the market.

They close early, you can also pack and start back to your place if you are not staying in Jerusalem. I thought of more adventure and decided to take Bus from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv. It was a good decision and a nice experience too. Went to the Bus terminal and took the ticket of NIS15 per person only.

Jerusalem was not the end of my tour, after reaching the hotel; I was googling about Tel-aviv and my next day tour.

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