el nido

El nido is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines and it comes under the Palawan region. It is famous for its beautiful Lagoons and secret/hidden/beautiful beaches. There are around 50 beaches, which can be visited during multiple visits to el nido.

El nido is famous among Europium and Spanish tourists. I encountered a lot of them during my visit to el nido recently. They all had come to enjoy beach life like- snorkeling, corals, seafood etc. There are many cafes on El nido beach, which serve the best and a lot of variety in seafood. This place is paradise for seafood lovers. The best part I liked about it, these cafe’s are on the beach itself, if you choose to sit outside of the cafe’s sitting arrangements, then there are chances that sea water will kiss your feet.

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El nido is not just like any other location, where you can take flight and drive for 1 or 2 hours and then reach. It’s a hidden paradise, so the travel is also like that. There are two ways to travel to El nido.

FIRST WAY: Book air tickets to Puerto Princesa. There are a lot of flights from Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippines airline etc. And they all offer cheap flights to Puerto princesa. And the actual travel starts from PP airport. You can request your hotel to book a ride for you from PP airport to your designated Hotel. There are many private transport companies who go up and down from the airport to el nido. They charge around 500 per person one side in a shared AC van. The road travel time is 6 hours from PP airport to El nido. The driver will stop at 2 places for lunch break and environment break.

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SECOND WAY: This is an easy way in terms of travel but difficult to find a seat in flight. Air Swift is the airline which has direct flights to El Nido airport. The flight cost is around 7k one way. It is difficult to get a seat in this flight as most of the beach resorts give package deals to their guests. And in that deal, resort owners give flight tickets, airport transfers, resort rooms etc. El nido airport is only 20 minutes from el nido beach.


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