Club Punta Fuego comes in first place in the list of relaxing resorts in Batangas. It is a place which has many facilities. The Punta Fuego is a very big property with lots of green space. One needs a rental car to roam around and visit one place to another. They have a membership concept and the first priority is to their members only. In Peak season, it is difficult to get a place for non-members. I visited this place in the off-season (Nov to Feb) and was lucky to get Casitas with a sea view balcony.

There is no Island hopping as such, it is a place for relaxing in the pool and at the beach. They have many indoor games which can be booked upon your arrival. They also have a Golf Club with beautiful golf lawns.

GETTING THERE : Club Punta Fuego is around 95 KM from Makati. Which is around 2.5 hours drive. I had hired a taxi to reach this place. You can drive if you like to drive as the roadS are good.


SUNSET SESSION : All the rooms have a sea view balcony. You can enjoy a sunset session from your room OR you can find a place near the infinity pool area. You can enjoy evening coffee while the sun is setting in the sea. It was a memorable and beautiful experience. IMG_9980

CASITAS : Plan to stay in Casitas. They are bigger with beautiful open bathrooms. And sea view balconies. The balcony is also quite big. But, they are a little far from the main restaurant and reception. casitas-seaview4911118_19_z

BUFFET BREAKFAST : They have a huge variety in breads, cereals, fruits, salads and local Filipino food. Don’t miss your breakfast here. They also prepare various types of egg recipes on request.


PENINSULA DE PUNTA FUEGO ACTIVITIES: Club Punta has a good facility for small kids as well. They have a playroom for small kids. And a big lawn for them to run everywhere. You can enjoy the lawn in the morning or evening, as days are very hot with hot sun. bring-your-kids-at-theIMG-0043IMG-0045

LOWER BEACH CLUB :This club is around a 10 minutes ride from Main reception. They have shuttle service every 30 minutes to the lower beach club. They also have small restaurants for drinks and food. If you are looking for some water sports activities then you can rent the boat and jet-ski, which is available at the lower beach club (it is expensive here). They also have a small infinity pool, for which you have to climb steps. Please ask for directions from the reception.  this-one-is-from-their

Overall it is a place for relaxation. Enjoy a good breakfast and then relax in the infinity pool. Watch the sunset, take the service of a Spa in your room. Enjoy Movie shows and feel fresh in fresh air.

Only drawback which I felt was that you have to remain in your room during the day time due to the hot sun. After 2 days I felt like going back to my house. As i said above, it is a place for relaxation only, plan accordingly.

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