Boracay  is the most famous destination in the Philippines. If you are visiting the Philippines then Boracay is a must visit among all. It is famous for its Nightlife ,beautiful White Beach and water sports such as- JetSki, ParaSailing, Banana Boat, Flouting slides, Snorkeling sites, Scuba and many more.

Boracay has main staying locations – Station 1, station 2 and station 3. The white beach connects all 3 stations. You can easily walk on white beach to go from one station to another . It was an amazing experience walking on white sand beach. The beach is really beautiful and many Cafe’s, restaurants are situated on the beach side. IMG_7640IMG_7885

All the stations are very well connected with roads also and Tri-cycle is available for ride. They charge more than the usual fare from foreigners.

Hotel in Boracay

Boracay is a destination which has an economy  for luxury stay. This place is full of mini hotels which offer rooms from 500 peso to 800 peso per day. On the other hand, luxury hotels such Shangri-la also have property with private beaches. The room cost per night is around 14000 peso depending on the season.


There are many activities to be done in  Boracay depending on your choice and weather. To cover all the places and activities I would recommend at least a 3 days stay. This place is best to do all the water sports compared to other islands in the Philippines.

1. Island Hopping: Island Hopping duration is only 3-4 hours. The group tour and private boat tours are available. The price for a group tour is 800 peso per person and for small private boats good for 2 to 3 people is 2000 peso. The time duration is the same for both the tours.IMG_7568IMG_7575

They will stop the boat near to Crocodile beach for snorkeling. you can buy bread to feed small fishes as there are many fish. You can just hold the bread in your hand and a group of fish will move towards you. One of the awesome experiences ever had. Second Island is Crystal Cove, it has some fun activities. The entry charges are 200 pesos per person.

2. Puka Beach:It is located at the northern end of Boracay. You can find colorful and rare Puka shells as the island name. The water is crystal clear that touches the shoreline.

3. Water Sports: Many agencies/companies offer water sports at a very big scale. Here you will find all the activities at a reasonable rate in comparison to other Islands in the Philippines. These activities are available on the other side of the Island. You have to take tri-cycle to reach the other side. ParaSailing cost 1800 Pesos per person and 2500 Pesos for two. Scuba diving was 2000 per person (The cost varies depending on providers). The Banana Ride was 300 Pesos per person for 15 minutes. Jet Skiing 2000 peso for 30 minutes. Flying fish ride around 600 pesos for 15 minutes. These all I tried and enjoyed a lot.

4. Diniwid Beach: This beach is famous for Spider house restaurant and Spider house beach resort.  We spent around 4 hours at Spider house and enjoyed the stay. Pizza and pasta are awesome at this place . You can jump into water at any time .We even got lucky to see a big Turtle floating on water near Spider House.

5. Pub Crawl: This is one of the night life activities in Boracay.  Each person charges 1000 Peso with 5 drinks as complementary and they will take you to 5 different Pubs. This is the gateway to meet new people and make new friends.

6. Fire Dance:It is one of the highlights of my stay in Boracay . Many restaurants offer a fire dance. Their artists dance on music beats holding fire on their both hands. It was amazing to watch those steps.  The dance looked  very dangerous as well , since they were moving around with these fire lit ropes .IMG_7908IMG_7878The fire dance starts every evening from 7 PM on-wards and it lasts till 8 PM. This is available at station 1 on White Beach side.

7. D-MALL: This is a shopping site and best for buying souvenirs.  Countless food joints can be found at D-mall. Many famous ones  – Army Navy, McDonald, Jollibee, Starbucks etc are also located here. Even Indian food Restaurant is also located there , however the food is average.

OVERALL We enjoyed our stay in Boracay and are planning to visit again in March or April.

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