In long distance and connecting flights , there are sometimes chances of interesting experiences . This one happened during Manila – Istanbul ( around an 11 hour flight ) and the on-towards connecting flight.

First thing to start with will be to do a Web-checking ( unless flying business class) for any flights you are taking. Long distance flights are usually full and weekend / holidays the queues are usually an hour long. When I reached the ticket counter , I was informed that the connecting flight was cancelled and the next connecting flight was 12 hours late . Since I had to reach, I asked them to book the flight .

It took them an hour to coordinate this activity .  After all the routine checks when I reached the boarding gate , there was no one left so this experience counts as one where I almost boarded as the last passenger . There were a few more who boarded after me .

An Exit gate seat always helps in long flights and fortunately I had one. I can stretch my legs , stand and move around as per my choice . After almost 10 hours of flight , weird stuff starts to happen .

The Destination on the screen changes to Antalia from Istanbul . Upon further checking , I found out that flights are not landing at Istanbul airport due to heavy snow. It made me wonder whether this is right information or something else might be happening .  The destination again changed from Antalia to Bordum and the captain announced that the Antalia airport was also blocked due to heavy Snow.

While circling in the air for some time , I realized the importance of checking the situation at the destination country . It’s always good to check the weather conditions , airport situation , and security issues at the destination airport . If I could have found that many flights were already cancelled from Istanbul there was a good chance of taking another flight.  If you have planned a vacation and hotels are non-refundable then this situation poses a serious dent into your wallet .

Finally, I landed to Bordum and after wasting lot of time at immigration now waiting for unknowing.

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